What Is The Best Keyword Search Software

What Is The Best Keyword Search Software?


What Is The Best Keyword Search Software? Finding the right keywords should be at the top of every web owner's priority list.

It's an essential part of the whole SEO process after all.

SEO can be the single best factor on online growth and profits, and the deciding element between being on top and being left behind by the competition.

Today's marketing strategy requires one to always be on his or her toes and know the latest trends and news.

What kind of keywords are your competitors using? Knowing this type of data can mean the difference between failure and success.

The information of knowing how many sites rank for a particular keyword will determine its overall worth.

Having too many sites ranking for one keyword means you'll have to do a lot more SEO work to climb to the top.

So what is the best keyword search software one can use to get to the top? It's Jaaxy without a doubt.

Successful Websites Use The Right Keywords


One of the main reasons why Jaaxy was created was to provide a peek at what your competition is using…in terms of keywords.

Successful SEO means you're looking at doing some extensive keyword research.

Carefully analyzing what phrases, words and questions your niche audience is typing on major search engines will pave the way for the keywords you'll be including in your SEO campaign.

You'll also gain the necessary information such as title tags, content keywords and search types that will bring you massive traffic.

Having all these useful data at hand will provide you the means to make an informed decision on which keywords bring the best chances of success for your business.

What Is The Best Keyword Search Software? What Does Jaaxy Offer

Jaaxy is a wealth of data in the palm of your hand.

All of the given information is accurate and vital for picking the right keywords to use for your SEO campaign.

At its heart is a capable keyword search tool which lists some useful data for every keyword you put in. Jaaxy is unique in that it gives you accurate answers.

It also gives you more data to work with.

Related Keywords

Open up Jaaxy and type in a keyword you want to check.

You'll see that Jaaxy will come up with a helpful list of related keywords that you may have not thought about yet.

Average Searches Per Month

ASPM means how many search a particular keyword gets per month from all major search engines like Yahoo!, Bing and Google combined.

Other keyword search tools only have data from Google. Jaaxy uses data from Google and all other relevant search engines.

Average Number of Traffic You Can Expect

Jaaxy provides details regarding the number of organic traffic a particular keyword has.

More than that, the best keyword search tool will show you the potential numbers if you were on the first result of that particular keyword.

Quoted Search Results

The best results are the most-used keywords that competitors have not thought of yet.

Jaaxy gives this to the users in the form of Quoted Search Results.

The number given in the column is the number of competing pages or website vying for a particular keyword.

Keyword Quality Indicator

Search Per Month and Quoted Search Results make up a greater whole, which is called the Keyword Quality Indicator Data.

There's 3 colors that indicate whether a keyword is good or not. Green means you have a great chance to rank high on a particular keyword.

Yellow means you'll get an average chance to get mid-rank on a particular keyword, while a red means there's little chance to acquire a high rank on a particular keyword.

SEO Power

SEO Power combines all the data above and shows you in a scale of 1 to 100 if your keyword is a powerhouse in terms of SEO.

Usually, the longer keywords have a higher “power” than the shorter ones due to their less competitive and more specific nature.

Generally speaking, there are 2 types of keywords you should always have on your website- the long tail keyword and the short tail keyword.

Short tail keywords are composed of anywhere between one to three words. For example, professional email or making money online.

Long tail keywords are those who have three or more words. For example, how to create professional emails or how to make money online for free.

Any Available Domain For The Keyword

Looking for a great name as a domain for your niche?

This feature will help you hunt for the perfect domain name that's related to a particular keyword. If available, it will show you on which domain extension your keyword is available in (.com, .net, .org, etc).

Saved Keywords List

Jaaxy is a great keyword search software because it does all things in one neat platform.

When you find a good keyword to use, you can forget about pulling up an Excel spreadsheet- Jaaxy has its own saved list feature, along with a history of past keyword searches you've used in the past.

What Else Can Jaaxy Provide?

If you're completely stuck for keywords to use, then you can click on the Brainstorm feature.

This part of Jaaxy will show you what's trending and what's currently being searched on the major search engines.

Jaaxy will pull up the necessary data from the following sources- Amazon Best Sellers, Yahoo Buzz, Google Trends,

Alexa Topics and Twitter Trending Tags.

The potential of knowing what's hot at the click of a button should pave the way for the next keywords and phrases you want in your website.


Hopefully this review should clear up any confusion over the question, “What is the best keyword search software available now?”

Jaaxy stands on top as the ultimate keyword search tool.

You can count on Jaaxy's training modules to bring you up to speed in no time flat.

Intermediate and advanced web owners will find a lot of useful things in Jaaxy as well.

The best thing about Jaaxy is that it's so easy to use and the data presented is always up to date.

There's no second-guessing whether the results are yesterday's news or current topics.

Jaaxy is the best value for your money when it comes to finding a suitable keyword for your website.

Combine this versatile tool with others to leverage a successful endeavor on your online ventures!

What Is The Best Keyword Search Software?

Try Jaaxy today.

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