Wealthy Affiliate Review, My Personal Take

Wealthy Affiliate Review, My Personal Take


Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review, My Personal Take

NAME: Wealthy Affiliate Review

Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100

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Owners: Kyle & Carson

Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com


Wealthy Affiliate Introduction

Wealthy Affiliate Review, My Personal Take. I'm sure all of you wouldn't want to waste your hard-earned money.

You'd surely want to put your money where the profits are real and that everything is 100% legit.

I've learned to sort through the internet mess and buy the real money-making programs and products the hard way. I bought what I thought would prove to have the best returns and spent more than a thousand dollars.

I wanted to earn money in my very own home. Up until now, I was disappointed and about ready to give up.

Then I discovered WA. This is the whole reason why I'm presenting this to you, my reader. This is My Personal Take on the Wealthy Affiliate Review.

I hope that people just like me who have seen nothing but scams will have a glimmer of hope on making money online. Lets get started?


WA Background

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most established companies on the internet today. They have been around the block since 2005 and they have been awarded Number 1 Online Work Company for 8 years straight!

The founders, Carson and Kyle have built Wealthy Affiliate from the ground up. Since then, they have gone on other successful ventures such as Street Articles and Jaaxy.

While they might sound very busy, the duo still takes time and actively participates in the community-friendly forums.Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started.

Wealthy Affiliate offers something unique amidst all the online scams out there- you'll have the chance to learn how to set up the business of your dreams starting from the ground up.

There's no shortcut to millions in dollars of profit. WA will teach, train and educate you everything you need to know about running a successful business.


Why Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

When I started out in Wealthy Affiliate, I restricted myself to the free members access. When I felt ready to take on the more advanced programs, I paid for access and was surprised at the wealth of information available for me to really succeed.

The two parts are the following:

  • The Bootcamp
  • The Get Started Here Courses
  • The Beginning: The Bootcamp

The people over at Wealthy Affiliate wants to empower everyone and help them succeed in making money from their passion.

I begun my education at the Bootcamp section and learned everything that I know today. Being confident that I could take on any business challenge that I launched my venture right away.

I still read into the guides to make sure I wasn't missing out on the essential elements.

You can start earning money even while you're participating in the Bootcamp program.

You'll just have to sign up and register for a free account to get started. Once inside, you'll have access to comprehensive guides, training modules and sales videos.

I learned how to start up a website and design it so I could attract my target audience within a month (I wanted to take it slow and steady then, but the beauty of it is that it's fine.

Easy to build websites


easy to build websites


Everyone can learn at their own pace!).

The program outlined an incentive for those who could do 300 upgraded referrals.

You could attend a fully-paid Wealthy Affiliate conference that only happens once a year! I got mine a short while ago- I had a free plane ticket, free lodging, meals and everything.

It was such an awesome trip. More importantly, I sat there and had a chance to meet fellow WA members and the founders themselves in person.

The User-Friendly Training Courses

Within the Training Courses are the main themes of Wealthy Affiliate. Here is where you really “Get Started”.

You can get to the Training Courses straight once you register for a WA member account. I followed the green bar that had the “Get Started Here” link and I was redirected to a different web page.

Then, a list of all the available courses on all businesses will be shown to you. It's like a personal success archive!

I wanted to build a better business website, so I clicked on How To Build A Website For Your Business and was shown a helpful step by step process.

There were links at the end that offered me how to get top rank on major search engines such as Google and how to get traffic that will purchase the products I was selling.


Wealthy Affiliate Review, My Personal Take


Wealthy Affiliate Review, My Personal Take

If you want to get great deals on popular marketplace products from online retail stores like Amazon, eBay, Jimdo, JVZoo, then there are guides that will show you how to thrive from that as well.

Essential marketing elements like gaining a wide audience and promoting your product, getting free referrals and engaging your target audiences are all included.

And I'm just at the tip of the iceberg. I estimate there's about a thousand existing guides, how-to's and videos on almost any kind of niche you can think of within the training courses.


wealthy affiliate video classes


Each classroom opens up and reveals to the user a whole new world where you can simply dive in, learn and start practicing the trade secrets outlined in the guide.

The only limit I see here is the time you'd want to invest learning how to make money.

The Community of Wealthy Affiliates

All I can say about Wealthy Affiliate is that it has such a strong backbone of support from the founders and the community.

I could safely say that I made it this far only because they gave me the support, the encouragement and the motivation I needed to make my online business a complete success.

Once you join wealthy affiliates…YOU WILL LOVE THE EXPERIENCE.

You'll have access to the Community once you sign up for WA membership.

The thousands of insider tips, tricks and strategies cannot be found anywhere else. If you have a question, you can check out the answers in the FAQ first.

Then, the members of WA will be more than happy to help you out with their expertise and knowledge.

Don't be surprised if either Carson or Kyle answers your questions.

They mingle among the community and help out whenever they can. They want to help both beginner and advanced entrepreneurs succeed in their endeavors.

During the course of building my online business until the more advanced aspects of it, I had the lucky chance to get constant help from Kyle and Carson.

To them I say thanks and more power!

all the help you need


Wealthy Affiliate is one of the truest forms of online advertising I've ever seen. They won't ever force you to become a paying member if you don't like it.

They won't charge your card automatically after a few months or so. You become a Premium Member at your own time and pace.


Learning takes time, and there's really no shortcut to that. Time is what you'll need to invest when you want to learn how to create and launch a successful business.

I went into the Classrooms, did some FAQs reading and asked questions until I got to the next point.

The starter kit is great for people like me who knew nothing about online marketing.

My friend blew through the program in just a few weeks' time. Once you have everything you need to know, then it's time to consider the more advanced techniques found in the Premium section.


I started out with Wealthy Affiliate from a friend who referred me. Back then I was a total beginner who knew nothing about the potential of online ventures. I thought working from home was something you had to do on the side.

I was surprised to find that my friend was already free from working a 9 to 5 and was turning in a larger profit doing what he wanted to do. In his case, it was selling fun pet toys, products and supplies. I thought that if he could do it, then so could I.

All I needed to start off with Wealthy Affiliate was there- I could send emails, browse websites and log in popular social media networks such as Facebook, etc.

Professional marketers will find WA a useful tool if they want to learn more and earn more.

Some of the topics I found interesting were how to drive huge amounts of traffic to your website, how to create a good landing page that engages your audience and how to acquire sales leads via various lead-generating programs.

I can safely say that Wealthy Affiliate is for all people who want to learn the ins and outs of running a successful business.

More specifically, WA is for:

  • Those who want to supplement their main source of income.
  • Stay at home dads and moms who have a bit of spare time and want to earn significant money.
  • Students who want to earn more to pay for their college tuition, allowances, etc.
  • Business owners who want to be put on the map.
  • Retired folks who are looking to earn extra money aside from their pension.
  • People who want to have a life more than being tied to their desks all day.
  • Most WA members, myself included, have learned so much and made money from business startups that they have quit their 9 to 5s and lived life to the fullest.

Anyone who has an online connection and a compatible device will be able to use Wealthy Affiliate to make money right at the comfort of their own home. People from all over the world can use it. Accessing WA is great if you have an iPad. This way, I could access what I needed to know wherever I am, even while sipping a cocktail at the Caribbean!
Wealthy Affiliate Pros

Everything Made Easy

The conveniences of the world wide web has made everything easier for you and me. People who have zero knowledge about coding, designing and programming will still be able to start an online business and make good money off of it.

Easy Business Website Creation

Create your own business niche site in just 3 clicks. First, you'll have to choose the design elements, then click on the Build button. Voila!

Learn At Your Own Pace

I didn't feel the pressure of having to learn such a massive amount of information in a short time. Everything was there and ready for me to read when I wanted to.

Earn Money In a Variety of Ways

The potential for earning is quite unlimited. A few ideas I learned in the Wealthy Affiliate program:

  • creating a niche website and getting huge traffic from it.
  • acquiring direct referrals from other online businesses.
  • selling my own products online.
  • joining an affiliate program and earning profits for each successful referral.
  • selling great products found from online retail shops such as Amazon, eBay, etc.
  • driving my content up Google rankings and other major search engines.
  • creating niche videos and uploading them to YouTube.
  • creating a Google AdSense account and earn from advertisements.
  • I could earn money by referring people to the Bootcamp Program.
  • Completely FREE to Join! (no catches




Wealthy Affiliate Review, My Personal Take

I never thought of Wealthy Affiliate as a scam, and it proved to be the real thing.

Investment returns are clear in Wealthy Affiliate, because you'll start to see the fruits of your labor once the profits start coming in.

I enjoyed the work from home aspect that WA provides its users. Stuck behind a desk forever with no hope of getting out, just because I didn't have the knowledge needed to be successful online.

Wealthy Affiliate is the step to the right direction!

Signing up for it is free and you won't need a credit card for it. There's zero risk of losing money and all the reason to try it!

Join Wealthy Affiliate Here, $0 and No Credit Card Required! 


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Wealthy Affiliate Review, My Personal Take




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